About Bo Kristoffersson

Bo Kristoffersson has been working as an IT consultant and speaker since January 2017 for Mindfire AB and Axionoma AB.

Prior to his consulting work, he was head of the Education Administration in Simrishamn Municipality and head of the Education and Culture Administration in Lomma Municipality. During his time in Simrishamn, the municipality was awarded the first national Google contract for schools that was recognized and approved by the Swedish Data Protection Authority, thus setting the precedent for subsequent contracts in other municipalities. The municipality was also named “IT Municipality of the Year”, in addition to receiving several other awards.

Kristoffersson worked for the Viktor Rydberg Foundation for many years. He was the principal of Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, (VRG), a high school in Danderyd, Sweden, for fifteen years. He was also in charge of Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium Odenplan (the second of four schools currently run by the Viktor Rydberg Foundation) during the school’s first year of operation.

The high school in Danderyd was recognized for its early and successful integration of information technology in the classroom. In 2009 it was chosen as a Pathfinder school by Microsoft in Seattle for its outstanding achievements in using ICT as a tool for enhanced learning.

Kristoffersson chaired the pan-European youth parliament organization MEP (Model European Parliament) for ten years. The organization brings young European students together to practice hands-on democracy and parliamentarianism.

In 2002 he co-founded the Baltic Sea Region branch of the Model European Parliament – an organization that now brings together students from the Baltic Sea countries in youth parliaments in order to foster democracy and a deeper understanding of the region’s potential and challenges. Uffe Elleman Jensen, former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Denmark, is the organization’s patron.

After serving as principal at VRG for fifteen years, he became the developmental leader and ICT strategist for all of the schools in the Viktor Rydberg School Foundation, and he worked as a consultant for Learnit24, a firm that specializes in successful, didactic integration of ICT in the classroom.

Kristoffersson has a degree in political science and English from Uppsala and Lund Universities, and has also studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder (USA).


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